How to Get More Traffic to Your Travel Blog Using Twitter

Whether your blog is purely for leisure or you want to make it into a legitimate business while you are traveling, traffic to your travel blog is of utmost importance.

One of the best new ways to get people to follow your blog is by utilizing the massive networking power of twitter. Now this may seem counter intuitive at first but the most effective way to get traffic to your blog is to drive traffic to your ‘competitors’ sites!

A few things happen when you promote other peoples travel blogs:

People interested in travel will begin to follow your twitter. Thus you will get a larger following on twitter.
These people will see your website link and view your blog. You will start to build a relationship with other travel bloggers who will be much appreciative of your promotion. These bloggers will in turn tell their twitter follows about your blog which is far more powerful than self endorsement. If you go to my twitter page you can see an example of how to promote other peoples blogs.

As you can see from above I have retweeted people blog posts using the twitter term rt @(the persons twitter name). This will then show up on their main homepage behind the mentions button.

Another way of promoting someone else’s blog would be to flat out say that you reading someone’s blog and tell people about it, also adding in the @(twitter name). These two methods both have the same effect of driving your followers to other travel blogs.

Tip: The more and more followers you get the harder it is to see what important tweeters are saying. So in order to see who is talking to you and about you press the home page and then press the @(yourname) button just under your followers count. This will allow you to talk directly to the people in your community who are talking about you.

In summary be good to other travel bloggers, retweet your favourite posts of theirs or posts that you think your readers would enjoy the most. The end result here is that your twitter following will grow virally, you will build a large community of travel blogging friends and your blog will thrive and receive more traffic.

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